MyHomePlus DSG

(Disinfectant Solution Generator)

MyHomePlus DSG

Empower your tap water! India’s 1st All-in-One Disinfectant Solution Generator(DSG) that turns tap water into an Eco-friendly Disinfectant and Sanitiser. Sanitizing has become the norm now, but sanitizing hands frequently can have hazardous effects and can cause skin irritation and even allergies. To keep all your worries at bay, MyHomePlus DSG comes across as the best solution as it is 100% natural.

Effective on germs, mild on skin, and eco-friendly nature of disinfectant solution makes it a perfect choice. Just spray and towel dry hands after 30 seconds.

MRP: INR 59,500 (Pack of 3)

Key Features

99.9% sterilization

deodorization and residual pesticide removal

Eliminates 99.9% germs

Bacteria, viruses: Green fungus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Yellow Sphincter, Staphylococcus
aureus, Pneumonia, Candida etc.

Eliminates residual pesticides from fruits & Vegetables

100% Natural, Non-flammable & Non-alcoholic

Harmless to humans and animals

USB chargeable

Wireless and easy to use anywhere. Charge for 3-4 hours to use for 12-13 times.

Easy use & Maintenance

An integrated humidifier helps keep your skin healthy and safeguards you against throat infection

LED light Display

Blue & Red LED display to show the battery status

Pet bottle compatible

Compatible with the main body and plastic bottles without any need to purchase a separate container.


Living room

Disinfects Furniture and Floor. Put some Disinfectant Solution on a piece of cloth and wipe the surface after just 5 minutes.

Household Appliances

Disinfects bedding, leather, woven goods, baby stuff, etc.


Spray it evenly on your kitchen utensils, fruits, vegetables and wash out the Disinfectant Solution with clean water after 5 minutes.


Disinfects bathtub, toilet seat,
sinks, etc.

Electronic Gadgets

Spray it evenly and wipe the disinfectant solution with a clean cotton cloth after 5 minutes.

Car and supplies cleaning

Spray it evenly on your vehicle and wipe the disinfectant solution with a clean cotton cloth after 5 minutes.

Daily Supplies

Spray it evenly on combs, brushes, clippers and beauty products and wash away with clean water after 5 minutes.

Sterilization of pet supplies

Put the disinfectant solution on a soft cotton cloth and wash it with clean water after 5 minutes.

Sterilization of oral supplementary products such as braces

Fill the container with disinfectant solution, put the products into it and wash away after 5 minutes.

Sterilization of leaves and stems of plants

Spray it evenly and wash the surface with clean water after 5 minutes.

How it works

1. Germs protect themselves by cell membrane

2. DSG produces sterilized water. Activated chlorine from this sterilized water destroys cell membrane of germs.

3. Germs are deactivated and killed.

MyHomePlus DSG


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